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In today’s real estate market, information and knowledge are key factors to timing. Success and profits in real estate are not achieved by following the media and the herd of lemmings. This is true whether the media is talking good or bad.

Today’s market is an excellent opportunity to:

* Purchase a primary residence

* Help family members take advantage of a decline of this magnitude   that was not forecast or expected

* Assess and improve your real estate portfolio

* Acquire real estate that will provide positive cash flow

Price are down in most markets. There are numerous foreclosures and many new developments are in financial distress, or in many cases construction just halted.

So, you have a home that used to worth $700,000, now it’s worth $500,00. Sell it, and then buy a home for $700,000 that was worth a million. You have improved on the home, and established a property tax basis that will save you several thousand dollars a year.

Keep in mind - - real estate moves in cycles,- - up and down.

Would you like to talk real estate, please give us a call.